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another trip dearie?

have a safe one!

that's a beautiful capture, I am missing the beaches in the Philippines!


Nice composition and colours.


awww...nice shot Sidney! love it!!


Un petit coucou pour te souhaiter un joli premier mai où que tu sois, plein de bonheur pour toi Sidney


bonne ballade ! belge ???


bring home more photos and our pasalubong, ok?!


Where was this photo taken exactly? Nice!


very nice website...can we exchange links?


Have fun Sidney! =) where my chocolate? haha just kidding!


Pour admirer de tels paysages ?
Bon voyage.

Photographs by M.E.

I hope you are enjoying your 'away' time! This is a wonderful, refreshing picture!

Pavan Kaul

Wonderful composition and the colors of the sea are stunning!

Homeowner Insurance

Enjoy your vacation while I enjoy these beautiful pics in your blog!

The Nomadic Pinoy

Enjoy. Do whatever you have to do. Come back later with more pics.

Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal

Beautiful photo! You're on a blog vacay while I'm back in the blogging world :)

Joel Olave

Just beautiful!!!


Quelle chance !... à bientôt Sidney !

joshi daniel

this is so beautiful and enjoy!

Wim van der Meij

You don't show many landscapes. This one I really like!
Hope you are fine.


Trees bathing in turquoise dreamy waters, lovely vista ! Hope you are fine, see you Sidney & thanks for the colorful sight.


Une photo qui fait rêver ; mais on se demande que font ces arbres au milieu de l'eau .TRès beau paysage

Doug Hickok

Lovely calm seascape Sydney. Look forward to your return!


What a gorgeous image to leave us with. Hope you have a good trip!


Your blog is very impressive. As I feel with my images quite small. Have a good time.


Wait ... and see you soon ...

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